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Steel on the far east

Far east steel mould technology introduction

Hunan far east steel co., LTD,Located in the generation of a great man MAO zedong's hometown——Shaoshan。The company registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,Mainly engaged in car tunnel、For the development of concrete building steel、Production and sales。1986In overall corporate purchase original shaoshan city supplies company established the shaoshan far east machinery factory,In2006Move shaoshan city hi-tech development zone - renamed hunan far east steel co., LTD

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Select the far east steel mould4The big reason


Tailor,The customer is supreme

Professional technical team,According to your company's specific situation,For your tailor-made for your sales and management mode。

Select famous brand quality assurance

Efficient for you,Fast,Professional engineering services
Together industry brand manufacturers products
The development direction of detection technology and capability,Brand is the quality

The introduction of advanced production equipment

The introduction of advanced production equipment and scientific management,Ensure the quality of products。

Perfect after-sale service system

Win with quality,In order to service to win customers
For many brand is equipped with technical engineers,Perfect pre-sale、Sale、After professional service system

The national hotline :18874773335

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6BigService processService process

Customer site investigation

A comprehensive understanding of the production process and customer orientation

Automation solution

Provide for your automation solutions

Product production and testing

In accordance with the standard process finished product production,After strict product testing and on time delivery

On-site installation and debugging

Our engineering and technical personnel to the customer site is responsible for equipment installation and debugging

User training

Equipment debugging,We will for your operating personnel to conduct a comprehensive technical training,In order to meet the equipment use and maintenance requirements

After-sales service

Equipment after delivery,We offer12Months of warranty and after-sales service

Advice immediatelyFree of chargeTailored automation solutions for you

moreCommon technical problems

Pipe rack trolley

Underground urban pipeline corridor,In the urban underground space to build a tunnel,Will power、Communications、The fuel gas、Heating、Water supply and drainage and other engineering pipeline collection in a body,Has special access port、Hoisting and monitoring system,The implementation of unified planning、Uniform design、Construction and management,Is one of the important infrastructure and city operation“Lifeline”。

My company research and development of new designPipe rack trolleyIs applied to underground city pipeline comprehensive concrete construction of the corridor,Pipe rack car template with solid structure form,Low cost,The advantages of the construction is convenient,For the comprehensive underground city pipeline corridor construction project provides a good support。

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