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Brand castingYears of precipitation Cast xiang boutique geotechnical materials

For many years focusedGeotechnical materialsProduct manufacturing

At homeThe famous geotechnical materials production enterprises

Set research and development、Production、Sales、ServiceIn the integration of enterprises

Science and technology leading+Perfect serviceDouble protection

Technology improvementEnsure reasonable cost saving project

Won the general customersAgree

The richGeotechnical materialsProduction experience

With many scientific research units was established“Cooperative r&d project

We have our ownProfessionalThe technical teamThe experiencedManagement personnel

Our purpose isThe high quality product、Advanced technology、Perfect service、In return for our customers

Species richnessProduct variety、Meet a variety of clients

XiangDomestic use of high-quality raw materials

The product qualityReached the domestic leading level

Geomembrane、The composite geomembrane

Geotextile、Filament geotextile、Woven geotextile

The waterproof board、Geogrid

Check the hose、The still water

All kinds of products、Can be customizedTo meet customer demand

The quality controlInside of rigid monitoring try my best to let customer satisfaction

From the raw material、Production、Manufacturing toProduct storage、Sales, etc. The whole processStrict control,Each link to track inspection,To ensure the quality of the product,“Try my best to let customer satisfaction”。

The products sell wellMany customers choose led cheung The products sell well all over the world Trustworthy

In geotechnical materials market shareA leading position

Highway、The reservoir、Waste treatment plantsSuch as designated suppliers

Geotextile、GeomembraneThe world's bestselling

The power is to follow High quality Led flying quality engineering for numerous customers easier then save cost

Tailings anti-seepage engineering processing

Tailings anti-seepage engineering processingXiang Trustworthy

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Waste plant seepage control engineering

Waste plant seepage control engineeringXiang Trustworthy

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Workers at shuizuishan landfill

Workers at shuizuishan landfillXiang Trustworthy

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Inner Mongolia tailings anti-seepage geomembrane construction site

Inner Mongolia tailings anti-seepage geomembrane construction siteXiang Trustworthy

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Heilongjiang mudanjiang landfill site engineering

Heilongjiang mudanjiang landfill site engineeringXiang Trustworthy

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The black dragon the river dragon ranches oxidation pond

The black dragon the river dragon ranches oxidation pondXiang Trustworthy

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Introduction to the enterprise/Enterprise brief introduction

Shandong xiang new materials co., LTD. Mainly produces geotextile、Geomembrane、The composite geomembrane、Bentonite waterproof blanket、Three-dimensional composite drainage network、Special tunnel waterproof board。 Shandong xiang new materials co., LTD., a total investment1.13Hundred million,The registered capital5005Ten thousand yuan,The existing staff80People,All kinds of professional and technical service personnel80Name,Is domestic geosynthetic materials integrated supply services。 The company has passedISO9...

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Q&AFrequently asked questions

The difference between vertical anti-seepage and horizontal seepage control
According to the different landfill anti-seepage facilities,In landfill anti-seepage engineering,Geomembrane manufacturers according to the source of anti-seepage materials used are different,Can be filled…
What are buying geomembrane common questions
Breeding geomembrane quality with more manufacturers become the good and bad are intermingled,The choose and buy should pay attention to several aspects,About the quality of the whole project,For…
How to distinguish the quality of the composite geomembrane?
Compound geomembrane in today's market price is uneven,Currently on the market of the geomembrane80%Is the film,In fact, life at least…
Introduction to geomembrane anti-seepage principle
Anti-seepage geomembrane to old concrete dam dam surface repair,Also used to the new dam,In order to cover up the anti-seepage effect;For the new RCC…
Why need to use single high density geomembrane cultivation?
Choose the cause of the breeding of geomembrane,Because of non-woven fabrics are made of recycled materials,Thus a better coating material not punctured membrane…
Introduction to the constructionHDPEWhat is the best weather when the fish pond anti-seepage film
Regional each season the weather is different,There are engineering useHDPEHow much from the temperature of the anti-seepage membrane construction requirements,From…
What pay attention to construction of anti-seepage geomembrane transport process
From the bottom to the high stretch,Anti-seepage geomembrane don't pull too hard,When slope is laid,Exhibition membrane direction should be the basic line parallel to the maximum gradient。…
What is waterproof blanket of proof principle?What the characteristics of bentonite waterproof blanket?
Waterproof blanket proof principle:Bentonite clay mineralogy name of montmorillonite,Natural bentonite according to the chemical composition is mainly divided into two categories: sodium and calcium base…
HDPEWhat is the construction of anti-seepage membrane method?Need to do before welding?
HDPEThe construction method of membrane:1、 From the bottom to the high stretch,Don't pull too hard,There should be1 50%The surplus,In case of partial…
Geomembrane construction method and laid method need to be aware of what is the problem?
Geomembrane construction method:Don't drag geomembrane in the transport process、Hard pull,Avoid sharp stab wounds。1、 From the bottom to the high stretch…
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